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Missing Timers and If/Then activities


This is my first real experience with Home Automation in the last decade. My last experience was with X10 devices forever ago. :)

It seems that the hub is about 1/2 way there. From my view point it is missing a few key features to be completely ready
1) Timers - I want to set open a door and have a light turn on for only a set amount of time before it shuts off again.
2) More broad use of the Sun Rise / Sun Set rules. For my example in #1 I only want the activity to set based on Sun Rise/Sun Set rules
3) Ability to call activities from an Activity. I want to have one stimulus set off a chain of activities that I configure.
4) If/Then activities based on other sensors or state of other switches. For instance I want to have a light to come on ONLY if the door is unlocked AND some other light is not turned on.

I would imagine that all of these are on your roadmap, but could you guys share at least a development cycle? Do new releases come on every odd month? :) I'd hate to have to abandon SC, but it really has limited use to me if it doesn't do the above things.




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I'm also interested in these sorts of enhancements. I assume they are coming one day. I'd love to know the timeline, or even notional timeline. Whatever you guys can share!

Joel W 0 votes

I agree. One thing I would like to be able to do is put several motion detectors around my house, and if any are triggered, turn on all the lights. Then I would like to have the lights stay on until a few minutes after the last detector no longer sees any motion. Right now, I can put up one sensor, and have it trigger the lights, and then turn off the iights once it no longer sees motion. That is better than nothing, but far from ideal.

eh919 0 votes

I was a bit disappointed to not see at least some simple timers as well. I'm starting out with basic garage door monitoring and was hoping to see the ability to set a rule with a garage tilt sensor to send a notification if the door is open longer than a few minutes.

Also, for activities, is there no way to disable/re-enable an activity? I'd like to set up a security system but unless it can be turned on and off without completely deleting and recreating the activity, it is not much use.
Seems like these would be pretty easy to program into the app.

Bob J. 2 votes

Thanks Bob for mentioning the security system aspect. This is something I am very interested in. I was over at Lowe's this weekend and looked at the Iris display. I was surprised to see how many new products they added in the last year, including a remote keypad to arm and disarm the system. That is definitely something I would like to see incorporated into the Connect system.

eh919 1 vote

I know this is a month old thread but others may just be reading it... there's an entirely Rube Goldberg means of accomplishing some of these things.

Modes are prenamed, but they don't have to BE that name. There's no reason "Vacation" can't be "Alarm On" in your household. While "Home" would include "Alarm Off."

We "early adopters" are being forced to find obscure ways of performing functions. I purchased a Scene Capable wall switch thinking it would give me access to the "click" - not within Staples Connect it doesn't. I wanted the switch to do double duty, be a switch, which it obviously does perfectly, but also be a trigger. It will, as a result of a recent update, show in the list of devices that will start an Activity. But it is not granular to allow for detecting one or double clicks, which I imagined was native to the switch. It should after all, be sending a Scene event with every click.

I added a Pico Remote, mounted on the wall next to the door, to act as a "Hello/Goodbye" switch to shift between Home mode and Away Mode. Works perfectly but what a hassle to effectively duplicate via the Pico Remote what the Scene Capable switch is doing too. (Think of clicking OFF when the light is already off as being a trigger for "Away". First click of Off does the obvious, turns the light off, but a 2nd click could be distinguishable because the light state is already Off - thus equals a Mode (Scene) shift to Away.)

c steele 0 votes